How long will it take to ship my vehicle?

It is dependent on which auto transport carrier that you choose. It can take up to 14 days to ship your car depending on the weather/road conditions, your chosen destination, and how many vehicles your carrier is shipping.

How much time does it take to pick up my car?

Many auto transport companies can pick up your car within three days, but can require up to two weeks notice depending on your location. You can however opt for express service if your carrier offers this. It does cost more, but can reduce the time needed for the shipment. Most shipping companies will try to accommodate you for any specific pick up date that you may request. If you have a firm date in the future it is best to make a reservation a month or two in advance if possible.

What does it cost to ship my car?

Depending on the distance of the ship, the date of the car shipment, the size of the vehicle, the weight of the vehicle, and the specific pick-up and delivery location all contribute to the final cost. Once you provide this information to your car transporter then they will be able to give you a final cost.

What about payment?

You will typically be required to sign a shipping order and provide a deposit to start the process. You must ask your car shipping company for their policy. Once the car is delivered most carriers accept Major credit cards, cashiers check, cash, and money orders.

What about insurance?

You can often opt to carry insurance for your vehicle’s shipping based on the car’s blue book value. Total recovery for exterior damage, or glass, undercarriage or motor damage may not be possible. You should request this information from your car shipping company and/or insurance company.

Do I have to be there when they pick up my vehicle?

Either you or someone who represents you must be available for the pick up. If no one is available then the shipping company may hold the vehicle in storage until someone is available to sign the appropriate documents.

Does my car have to be in running order to be shipped?

A wrecked car cannot be shipped. But, if the car has inflated tires and a working emergency brake then it may be shippable. Additional costs may apply. You should request your car shipper’s policy on this.

How do I prepare my vehicle for shipping?

According to the Department of Transportation you may not fill your car with personal items. Also, you make sure the car does not have more than a quarter of a tank of gas for the trip.

Are there any requirements for the pick-up location?

The carrier that will be shipping your car is wide and usually about 75 ft long. If this type of vehicle will not fit into your neighborhood then you may need to arrange a pickup at a suitable location such as a parking lot or open space.

Does ship vehicles? What service do you provide?

No, we do not. We arrange a number of licensed and bonded carriers to provide you with free shipping quotes. We do not ship any vehicles, sell vehicles, or participate in the shipping process. Once you fill out the form on this site then your information is sent to the vehicle shipping companies with which we affiliate and then these companies contact you with quotes and the appropriate information, often the same day

How do we choose a shipping company?

Although we do not make any recommendations we do suggest that you request references from any vehicle transport company with which you may chose to hire. You should also do an internet search for any information about the company.

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